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Fair Info

The 2020 Archuleta County Fair has been canceled due to COVID-19. There will be no quilt show or judging.

Here is all the info you need for the Archuleta County Fair. Please print out and complete one form for each quilt/wall hanging you plan to enter, even if it is for “display only.” The only ones who do not need a form are those being entered into the Quilt Challenge Peoples’ Choice contest without being professionally judged.

If you have any questions contact Janet Kubelka at

  • If you want to help volunteer at the Fair to collect votes for the Peoples’ Choice award and guard our precious entries please click the link below.

The form for 2019 is changed and simplified. Please fill out one for each entry to be displayed at the fair.

Archuleta County Fair Quilt Entry Form

Class ____________________________ (Includes Overall Type of Quilt and Size)

Subclass _________________________ (Specialized type of quilt, how constructed, and how quilted; may not need all three parts)

In the space below, please write what you want Fair visitors to know about your quilt. It might include how it is constructed, any special techniques used, or why you made the quilt/for whom you made it. This will be typed and displayed with your entry. Continue on the back if more space is needed.

  • Here are the instructions for the entry form the 2019 Archuleta County Fair Book. If the “how constructed” (number) of the sub-class is showing up as an open circle on your computer screen, please convert the circle to the proper number in your head. Example: Under Subclass “G. Pictorial”, if there is an open circle next to “landscape,” “Portrait,” and “Story”, then mentally convert them to 1, 2, and 3.

Archuleta County Fair Quilting Competition Guidelines

• Exhibitor/Age Categories: Youth: 12 yrs & under; Teen: 13-19 yrs; Adult: 20+ years; Professional/Commercial: One who derives income exceeding $300 during the current/calendar year for quilting services rendered.

Special instructions:

• No sleeves are required for the hanging of any quilt.

• All quilts must be clean, odorless and clear of animal hair, loose threads and lint prior to submission. If not clean the submission will be returned to owner without judging.

• The quilt must have been finished/restored within the last three years.

First Time Entry Special Award:

• Sponsored by the Colorado Quilting Council. A $25.00 award and special ribbon awarded to a quilt maker who enters the Archuleta County competition for the first time. “First Time Entry” MUST be noted on the entry tag.


Choose a class (letter) and number (size) for the “class” entry line.

A. Bed Quilt Class:

1) Large Bed Quilt (width: 91 -115 inches)

2) Medium Bed Quilt (width: 70-90 inches)

3) Small Bed Quilt (width: 37-69 inches)

B. Wall Hanging Quilt Class (decorative quilts not intended to be a bed covering or throw):

1) Large Quilted Wall Hangings: greater than 60 inches wide,

2) Medium Quilted Wall Hanging: 48 – 59 inches wide

3) Small Quilted Wall Hanging – 25- 47 inches wide

4) Miniature Quilted Wall Hanging – less than 25 inches wide. All aspects of the quilt are reduced in scale.

Sub-class- (for both Bed Quilts & Wall Hangings):

For the entry choose first the sub-category (capital letter), then how constructed (number), then how quilted (lower-case letter). This combination goes on the “sub-class” entry line. Some sub-classes do not require all three parts.

A. Whole Cloth

  1. Hand Quilted
  2. Machine Quilted

B. Pieced

  1. Hand Pieced
  2. Machine Pieced

a. Hand quilted

b. Machine quilted

c. Combined hand and machine quilted

d. Tied with yarn or heavy thread

e. Professionally quilted

C. Appliquéd or embroidered by Exhibitor

• A minimum of 50 percent of quilt top is appliquéd or embroidered

  1. Hand appliqued for embroidered
  2. Machine or iron-on appliqued or embroidered

a. Hand Quilted

b. Machine quilted

c. Combination hand and machine quilted

d. Tied with yarn or heavy thread

e. Professionally quilted

D. Kits

• Prepackaged pattern and fabrics and/or laser cut forms/figures

  1. Hand pieced, appliquéd or embroidered

2. Machine or iron-on appliquéd, pieced or embroidered

3. Hand Pieced

4. Machine Pieced

a. Hand quilted

b. Machine quilted

c. Combination hand and machine quilted

d. Tied with yarn or heavy thread

e. Professionally quilted

E. Contemporary

• Use of irregular shapes, random placement, bold fabrics

• Whole cloth, pictorial and kit quilts do not qualify in this category.

F. Innovative/Art Quilt

• Creation of art quilting is based on experiences, imagery, and ideas rather than traditional patterns.

• Creation of original designs that evoke or explore emotions or ideas through innovative themes, materials or construction.

• Pushes the envelope of accepted quilting techniques or materials.

• Many different processes are used to create the artwork however a portion of the entry must be quilted (sandwiched and stitched through 3 layers).

• This art is generally wall hung or mounted as a sculpture, though exceptions exist.

• May include techniques such as painting, dyeing, stamping, piecing, collage, printing, applique, and other complex cloth processes.

G. Pictorial

• Depicts recognizable Person, Place, or Thing

• Exhibitor should include original photograph or artwork that inspired the quilt when possible.

  1. Landscape
  2. Portrait
  3. Story

H. Restoration

• Quilt completed by other person(s) and restored by exhibitor.

• An effort to restore or repair damaged or antique quilts.

• A detailed description of the restoration effort must be included by the exhibitor.

• Include a before/after photo if available.

I. Team/Group Projects

• Any or all parts of the quilt have been produced by more than one person.

• Must identify all participants.

  1. Whole Cloth
  2. Hand Pieced
  3. Machine Pieced
  4. Hand Applique’ /Embroidery
  5. Machine Applique’ /Embroidery

a. Hand quilted b. Machine quilted c. Combination hand and machine quilted d. Tied with yarn or heavy thread e. Professionally quilted