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The Guild Board

Our guild board meets monthly at 11:00 am the Thursday prior to the guild meetings.  The guild meetings are on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  Both the board and guild meetings are held in the Cornerstone Church Fellowship Hall located at 2750 Cornerstone Dr.  All members are welcome to attend the board meetings.

2023 Officers & Board Members

President: Jeanie Lemmo

Treasurer: Delani Smith
     Back up – Joan Stone

Programs: Sherry Scarpulla 

Librarian: Linda Mitchell

Membership: Suzy Rutan

County Fair Coordinator:  Wanita Martin and Faye Troisi

Hospitality:  Maxine Evereart

Raffle Coordinator: Candace Door

Class Sign-ups:  Carla Hellwege

Photos & Rosters: Lorraine Hesselbach

Greeting Cards: Susan McAdams

Meeting Secretary: Cathy Duggan

Newspaper Articles: Helen Richardson

Comfort Cards & Kits: Maxine Everaert

Retreats – Suzy Rutan

Webmaster – Laura Lunsford