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Opportunities to Donate

Community Quilts

Many of us love piecing and quilting, but we have run out of homes for our quilts!

Some of our members already belong to other quilt groups that make quilts to give to groups with which they are associated- e.g. Prayers and Squares at the Methodist church or the Prayer quilts made at the Episcopal church.  And, many of you have your own groups where you send quilts-  ie: Quilts of Valor, Linus, etc.

For those of you who want another way to give back to the community, our Guild has taken on making quilts for residents of Pine Ridge and children involved in foster care or adoption situations through social services.  (Aspire still has more quilts than they can distribute.)  We met in February 2024 to make the first 2 quilt tops in an open sew after our regular monthly meeting. Many of you have already voiced your interest to participate and we are working on making more opportunities available.  We are working on cutting fabric for kits that can be sewn by you in the comfort of your own home as well as having more open sew events.  For more information or questions please contact Josie Sifft at 970 264-7675.

Pop Top Tabs

Ida Theys is collecting tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. These are the tabs found on soda cans, pet food, and other canned goods that help you to open the item without a can opener. Please place a jar or baggie next to your sink and as you prep your meals just pop them in the bag and bring it to a meeting when you have a bunch.  For more information on Ronald McDonald House, click the link below.