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2024 Four Corners Quilters Gathering

Friday-Sunday, March 22-24, 2024 – in Durango, Colorado
Special Guest: Cindy Needham
Instructor and Designer

Workshop & Luncheon Schedule

FRIDAY — TBK Bank, 259 W 9th St, Community Room
9:00-12:00 pm—Wholecloth Linen Quilts $45
This fun, hands-on lecture will give you all the tips and tricks
you’ll need to create beautiful wholecloth quilts out of ordinary
linens. Cindy will take you through the process step-by-step
including stain removal, edgings working with lace and designing.

1:30-4:30 Lecture and Demo Design-A-Rama $45

Cindy will be pulling out the best part of her 5-day design
workshop and teaching you the basics of designing your pieced
tops by dividing and conquering your space. Each student may
bring an unquilted, pieced top. We will hang each top and then
design it as a group using all the information Cindy shares in the
lecture. The maker of the top will leave inspired and a bit

SATURDAY LECTURE AND LUNCHEON–Durango Public Library, 1900 East 3rd Avenue, $38
Registration: 9:30-10:00 am
10:00-Noon: Western Slope’s Best Show and Tell! Bring 1-2 items.
Noon-1:00: Luncheon
1:00-2:30: Lecture – For The Love of Linens
2:30 pm: Guild Reps Meet Briefly

SUNDAY WORKSHOP—TBK Bank, 259 W 9th St, Community Room
9:00-4:00 pm: Heirloom Feathers & Backgrounds $90 (+ $10 kit
Cindy will be teaching you the basics of free form feathers and
how to easily add simple details to make them your own. Then we
will dive right into heirloom background designs. The entire
morning will be spent in lecture and the afternoon at your sewing
machine. Cindy provides quilt panels for you to practice and play
on as well as lots of beautiful samples for inspiration.
Kit fee: $10/person. includes two printed panels; topstitch 80/12
needle and use of provided superior threads.
SWEETHEART OF A DEAL! — First 20 to sign up for all 3 classes by
Valentine’s Day (February 14) save $20.00 .
I have been an obsessive quilter for over 45 years starting as a hand quilter
when I was in the 8th grade. I loved the process of hand quilting but found I
couldn’t keep up with my quilt tops and finally had to learn to machine quilt.
It was a very difficult journey, and not easy, but after many months of
practice I finally got my rhythm and fell head over heels in love with the art
of machine quilting.
In the late 90’s I became a bit bored quilting on “regular” pieced quilt tops
and decided to try my hand at quilting a tattered linen that was on my night
stand. I marked it with a beautiful design, put it in my machine, and created
the world’s very first linen wholecloth quilt. It was a moment that changed
my life forever. Not only had I created something fabulous out of an ordinary
linen but it justified my huge linen stash! Now I had to make more of them!
2024 Four Corners Quilters Gathering
Sweetheart of a Deal Deadline — February 14th
Luncheon Only Deadline – March 15th (Sorry, no refunds)
Name: __________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
City: _____________________ State: ____ Zip: ________
Phone: ____________ E-Mail: __________________________________
● DESIGN-A-RAMA – AFTERNOON (MARCH 22) $45.00 $________

● LUNCHEON AND LECTURE (MARCH 23) – $38.00 $ _

OR …
Sweetheart of a Deal–Both Friday classes – $80.00 (Save $10) $

● Wholecloth Linen Quilt and Design-A-Rama (March 22)
● OR
● Friday and Sunday Classes – $160.00 + $10.00 kit fee $
Luncheon and Lecture (March 23) – $38.00 $

Make checks payable to: Four Corners Quilters
Mail to: Four Corners Quilters, c/o Barb Morgan, 382 Cole Ranch Rd, Durango, CO 81303
QUESTIONS: Barb Morgan (970) 259-1079;
E-mail: 4cornersquilters@gmail.com… FRIEND US on Facebook at Four Corners Quilters